How to get out of a Timeshare legally

get out of timeshare agreementOwning a timeshare can be very tasking. In fact, the obligation that comes with being a timeshare buyer is very huge; it typically lasts for a lifetime. Most timeshare buyers do not understand this point until they have bought it. And when they do, a lot of them are usually left in a quagmire, because they do not know that timeshare contracts are cancellable. Some take the traditional route of selling, donating or transferring their timeshare ownership. Others take heart and count their losses. Well, the good news is you do not have to belong to any of the groups above – you can get out of a timeshare contract legally!

Even though the majority of timeshare companies do not offer cancellable contracts, the fact is that no timeshare contract is non-cancellable under the law. The law allows you to terminate any contract as long as you have a genuine reason. Such reasons may range from fraud, discomfort to an error during the computation of the contract. However, achieving a timeshare exit via legal means is never as easy as it seems. In fact, you are almost guaranteed to fail without the service of a timeshare attorney.

Nevertheless, there are many ways by which you can get out of a timeshare legally. The easiest way involves you sending a well-timed timeshare cancellation letter to the company from which you bought the timeshare. However, it is pertinent for you to note that this option is advisable only if you are still within your timeshare cancellation period. Most states offer a rescission period during which timeshare buyers may choose to cancel their contracts and get back their deposit. Nonetheless, our timeshare lawyers can help you even when this statutory timeshare cancellation period is over.

Timeshare Attorney

Apart from the option stated above, you can also press the resort to cancel your contract. To do this, it is advisable that you secure the service of a timeshare attorney. Our timeshare legal team is more than capable enough to help you talk the resort into cancelling your contact quickly.