How to Avoid Timeshare resale scams

timeshare resale scamsPeople sell their timeshare ownership for a lot of reasons. For instance, a timeshare owner may decide to put off his/her timeshare for sale because he/she can’t afford the vacation rentals anymore. Others may sell off theirs because they just do not want to keep it. Well, the fact is no single law stops you from selling your timeshare at your will.

Timeshare resale scams

However, you need to understand that the timeshare industry is rife with various degrees of scams. Some come in the form of initial sale offers. Others come in the form of bloated or upfront fees. And while these scams may seem ordinary, the bitter truth is that they are usually difficult to detect. In fact, no timeshare owner is entirely immune from these scams. A typical timeshare resale scam uses the name of a reputable company or a professional real estate broker with claims of connection to the government. Thus making it almost impossible for unsuspecting sellers to detect.

Well, as experts in the timeshare industry, we feel obligated to reveal to you some of the surest ways to avoid timeshare resale scams. Here they are:

  • Beware of unsolicited and “too good” offers: Typically, a timeshare scammer will call or mail you claiming to have a buyer for your timeshare. He/she may also offer to help you advertise your timeshare for sale. While there are reputable companies out there that offer such handsome offers on timeshare resale, the fact is many of the firms that advertise such are fraudulent.
  • Be wary of upfront fees request: Do not send a company upfront fee especially if it involves wire payments. Such deal is usually tough for the police to unravel if it ends up being a scam.
  • Confirm the authenticity of the company before any negotiation: The internet is ladened with a lot of resources that can help you verify that the company you are in contact with is fully licensed and certified. You can also visit the Better Business Bureau website to check for the reviews of the company.
  • Employ the service of an attorney: The truth is no one knows how to avoid timeshare resale scams better than a timeshare attorney. Our Timeshare Fraud Attorney Office is targeted towards protecting timeshare sellers from fraudsters.