Timeshare Attorney

As a consumer advocate-driven group, we take pride in our commitment to help each one of our clients avoid scams in the timeshare industry.

Our team of lawyers provides the requisite experience, understanding, and expertise needed to resolve problems with their timeshare ownership, timeshare scams and timeshare fraud.


Meet Our Timeshare Lawyers Team

A timeshare contract has many finer points to it; timeshare law is different from traditional real estate law, and many attorneys are simply not familiarized with it.

Our team of timeshare attorneys is proficient in all aspects of timeshare law (domestic and international); even if you are already working with another attorney, our team can provide assistance as a co-counsel to ensure that our clients receive exceptional legal guidance.

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We Are Attorneys with a Proven Track Record Limiting Timeshare Fraud

Our firm has helped many clients through their time share transfer process. We helped clients decide how to best proceed with their timeshare ownership — our advice has ensured that their rights are fully protected against timeshare resale scams — and we are happy to apply our expertise to your needs as a timeshare owner.


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